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A Huge Assortment of Reliable, Durable & Quality Certified Concrete Blocks, Aerated Concrete Blocks, Solid Concrete Block ect Are Available Here..

About Us

Here at Indo-Bhutan Construction Solutions Pvt Ltd. success means complete customers’ satisfaction. This is the reason, our company focuses all of our efforts towards providing the best grade Concrete Blocks to all of our clients along with premium customers services. Such offered services come along our range, helps us in meeting our customers expectations without any hassle. Currently, our brand ‘InstaBlocks’ is engaged in crafting substantial savings to the construction costs and environment simultaneously. Our range of Fly Ash Solid Blocks, Rectangular Concrete Blocks, Light Weight AAC Blocks, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks etc. supports many in completing their construction projects in a cost effective & eco-friendly manner. To provide such an impressive range, our company focuses on quality and make use of best industrial machines at our infrastructure facility. 

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Our company was founded by a team of veteran businessmen, who had already proven themselves in the construction industry. They have extensively worked hard along with our employees in order to  make this company what it is today. Under their leadership, we are planning to introduce many other variety of construction products in the market and becoming the leading manufacturer & wholesaler of the domain.  


Our offered concrete blocks find their usage in construction industry. Numerous contractors, construction companies and many others bestow their trust on our company. 

Our Range’s Features

Here are some features of our Fly Ash Solid Blocks, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks etc., owing to which it receives huge appreciation in the market:
  • Pest Resistant
  • High Compression Strength
  • Resistance To Air Water
  • Fire Resistant
  • Acoustic
  • Durability Dimensional Stability
  • Earthquake Resistant
  • Economical & Easy To Install
Some Interesting Benefits of AAC

AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) has several benefits, some of them are listed below:
  • Cost Benefit Analysis: In comparison to conventional systems, AAC based systems are 2.5% more beneficial in terms of cost. 
  • Speed In Construction: Conventional systems are 20% less beneficial than AAC based systems owing to having more number of joints. 
  • Operation & Maintenance: AAC systems provides a huge 30% saving in terms of energy cost, it also provides high insulation. 
  • Green Building Material: AAC is more environmentally friendly than conventional options. This is the reason, it is recognized as ‘Green Building Material’. 
How To Handle The Range?
  • Storage of Material: The offered blocks must be stored on a leveled ground on clients’ sites where it is protected against rain & snowfall. 
  • Mix Proportions of Mortar: Use of strong mortar with our lightweight blocks is not recommended. One must use a mortar that is compatible after taking advice from technical experts. Usually, lean mortar is advised to be used to distribute and accommodate strains arising from thermal, chemical as well as moisture changes. 
  • Soaking and Wetting of Blocks: One should not soak the blocks prior to using them for construction of a stricture. Only site wetting is recommended.
  • Laying of Mortar: To avoid the loss of plasticity which leads to poor bond, one should install mortar in close proximity to the laying area. 
  • Laying Block Masonry: One shall always lay AAC blocks as per the guidelines of IS 1905 (1987) and IS 6041 (1985), the thickness of joints should be 10mm.
  • Slenderness Ratio: The Indian Standard BIS:1905 (masonry code) is applicable to AAC blocks. The slenderness ratio must be as per the guidelines of the same. 
  • Chases: Guidelines of Indian Standard BIS:1905 need to be followed, the cutting of chases must be done without causing any damage to the surrounding masonry. 
  • Doors and Windows Fittings in AAC Masonry: The doors & windows are fixed similarly as the brick masonry is fixed. Hold fast is planned by employing U-blocks by proportionately cutting the block on both faces.